Winterstix begins tomorrow!

We hope you will be ready to play some lacrosse on Sunday – in the gym at Annapolis HS. 
The gym is on the far right of the building, straight back, behind the Arundel Swim Center. 

               Winterstix Schedule:

                     12:00  grades  K –1   Starter Stix

                   1:00  grade    2 –     Starter Stix +

                   2:00  grades  3 – 4

                   3:00  grades  5 – 8

Because we are a numbers-based program, the schedule could change. 
If that is the case - we will let you know after we get through the first session!!

STARTER STIX  - ALL girls in grades 1 & 2 and NEW players in grade 3.
If you are in third grade and have never played lacrosse on a team, please come for Starter Stix at 1:00 for your first week.  
Goggles will not be required for Starter Stix only.
Starter Stix will infuse our youngest with new skills coupled with a lot of fun coming from coach extraordinaire, Sue Chittim.
Just wait!
This is the biggest class ever registered & at the youngest ages, so we must split ‘em up! 

Don’t forget your stick, mouth guard, goggles & good ole' fashioned tennis shoes.
Reminder – when you purchase the essential mouth guard- please buy 4!
Hide one in the car, 2 in the kitchen and send one with your daughter! Seriously!

Look for the FUN in Quickstix fundamentals, especially indoor with no threatening weather elements!
Any weather notices altering our schedule will be posted on the website ( Sunday mornings.

May the wonders of the season continue!