Quickstix is most known for grassroots development in the Chesapeake Bay region and the many lacrosse opportunities it creates in the Annapolis area for girls eager to learn and play this fabulous sport! Quickstix was the precursor to womenslacrosse.com and subsequently Synapse Sports, which has since come to answer the national demand of lacrosse players of all ages from across the United States.

To date, Quickstix is about playing and experiencing the game. We teach the youngest players through our signature Starter Stix programs in the winter. We administer leagues to increase opportunities for competition in 3 seasons and continue to develop coaches and umpires passionate about the game. We provide post season play for rec teams throughout Anne Arundel County and the surrounding Chesapeake Bay area.

Quickstix strives to challenge the exceptional player within each athlete to achieve her highest potential. Our emphasis is on fun and fundamentals through coaching excellence that exists on hundreds of levels, al of which include gameship. 

Let’s go, girls!

  • Recognizing that spring recreational team play need not be based on where you live- Quickstix began attracting girls from a wide radius to learn the game and compete within the Anne Arundel County Rec & Parks league. In any given season, athletes from over 100 surrounding schools are involved in Quickstix programs.  This is Rec league at it’s BEST! Learning and playing the game of lacrosse is offered across the board- regardless of ability to pay. The Quickstix teams practice on the back fields at Annapolis HS.
  • Recognizing that lacrosse has become a year-round sport, Quickstix provides opportunities to play in the spring, fall & winter.
  • Fall Ball – seven-a-side competition for upper elementary through high school held on Sunday afternoons on fields in Annapolis.
  • Winter Stix – top indoor competition for teams of high school athletes takes place on Sunday mornings at Truxtun Park Rec Center folllowed by middle schoolers on Sunday afternoons at Annapolis HS. Our signature Starter Stix program for beginners of ALL ages is conducted, under the watchful eye of our best area coaches, at noon.
To meet the demands of our young athletes- we offer a combination of skill instruction coupled with scrimmage play conducted by the best youth coaches on the planet!

We invite you to join us.

Historical Notes

Quick Stix, the original winter indoor league for girls, and the building blocks for Quick Stix, womenslacrosse.com and Synapse Sports, has grown to include year-round playing opportunities in leagues, tournaments and special events. Tournament play, initiated under the Quick Stix umbrella, included seasonal events: Charge-Up tournament, the pre-season warm-up for recreation level teams and officials now run by CYLA; Presidents Cup at Washington College in February; the National Draw Amateur Championships held in New Jersey in June; All Star Express, the recruiting event of the year that began with 2 teams in 1993 (300+ teams in 2008) and the seven-a-side Turkey Shoot at Thanksgiving.

Quickstix is based in the Chesapeake Bay region of Maryland. We offer an instructional base to keep the ”fun in fundamentals” for both the athletes and their parents.

  • Recognizing that field hockey had no feeder program to the high schools, Quickstix- with financial assistance from the Annapolis Optimist- began hockey in 1989. From the first day – 124 girls showed up – the program is now administered by Anne Arundel County Rec & Parks and boasts well over 60 teams.
  • Recognizing that summer play should not be restricted to high school girls, Quickstix, with moral support from Franklin Chaney and the Anne Arundel County Rec & Parks Department, offered lacrosse to middle school athletes. In 1987, 142 middle school girls showed up at Weems Whelan to play Summerstix.
  • Recognizing that there was inadequate coverage of girls youth sports, Quickstix published a quarterly newsletter, “Scoop” and mailed it to over 1000 girls for several years in the early 90’s. In the wake of the electronic wave, the Scoop was transferred to www.quickstix.com - the first site dedicated to girls and the sport of lacrosse. The cost to develop and now maintain that site is funded by seasonal league play.
  • Recognizing that high school freshman girls had not experienced a tryout process – Quickstix offered a “Fresh Start” clinic for freshman girls only. The 4-hour event was held in the gym at Annapolis HS and included athletes from all over the state. Fresh Start, with members of the US national team as coaches, paved the way for many to complete a successful tryout for their high school.
  • Recognizing that the “officials” of the game – those serving as coaches and umpires – were ill prepared to do their job effectively- Quickstix offered the Synergy Seminar. In this workshop format, incredible speakers and coaches offered their expertise in an interactive forum that helped prepare those in attendance to make it happen with their team. (Administered now by womenslacrosse.com)