Participation in youth sports has been on the decline for some time.

The act of participating, being part of a team, whether you are the backup to the backup or the super scoring star, has enormous impact upon children’s self-esteem which includes their ability to achieve strong academic results. 

The positive outcomes for kids who participate in sport (exercise, exertion, rule following, friendships, team interaction, sunlight and fresh air) are impressive.

Participation in local recreational youth sports has now reached a level that rules out the potential numbers and structure needed to field a team. Quickstix will not sponsor any teams this Spring. 

We encourage you to register your young athlete with General’s Highway Rec for the Spring season.

Winterstix, an introduction to lacrosse for our youngest athletes, will return to Annapolis next January. Cheers to a happy spring filled with fun on a lacrosse field! 



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